They want it as deep as it can go

I always had a weakness for these ladyboy with the bodies of dream and big cocks. I'm not a lesbian but I like to try new things. Everything happened in a campsite in which I liked to go for my holidays to relax.

On the edge of the lake

Upon my arrival, I already felt that I was being watched in the crowd. I came alone as usual. One Wednesday afternoon, I went to the lake with a book that I liked to read around 4 pm, when nobody goes there. I often went there during my stay to swim a bit. Hardly dressed in my swimsuit and lying on the edge of the lake, I heard a voice offering me a good cocktail between "girls". They were two. They apparently clapped for their bachelor life. I joined them without any thought. We drank several glasses of alcoholic cocktails and had an interesting discussion about the sexual practices that we liked to do well.

One toast, one fuck

We stayed there until nightfall and even thought to sleep under the beautiful star with our swimsuits. After drinking and laughing, one of them caressed my face and kissed me. I let myself go. I even wanted to do it. She pushed me against the floor and touched my breasts. My nipples were pointed. I was all wet. I immediately thought of a good fuck with beautiful shemales with big cocks. And I was right. It was tranny with huge cocks. When one of them leaned over to kiss me, the other took my hand and put it on his dick so I would shake it. That's what I did without any hesitation. All of a sudden, I was offered a well-trained cock in front of my mouth for a good blowjob. I executed myself while I enjoyed a good cunnilingus. They put me on all fours. One was placed underneath while the other behind to make me a double penetration while I was caressing me. I had a pleasant evening.

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